Biscotti Knights (ビスコッティ騎士団 Bisukotti Kishidan) is the army of the Biscotti Republic.


Biscotti Knights
Knight Leader
(騎士団長 Kishidanchō)
Lorrain Martinozzi
Praetorian Guards
(親衛隊 Shineitai)
Praetorian Guard Leader
(親衛隊隊長 Shineitai Taichō)
Eclair Martinozzi
Members Emilio
Secret Squad
(オンミツ部隊 Onmitsu Butai)[1]
(頭領 Tōryō)
Brioche d'Arquien
(筆頭 Hittō)
Yukikaze Panettone
Members Homura, Konoha, Eika, Tatsumaki, Kanata, Isuka Makishima


  1. Also written in kanji as 隠密部隊 in the comics.

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