She appears as young girl with squirrel ears and tail. She is often seen in the colors of her nation, Pastillage, which are yellow, black, and somewhat brown.

When she combined together with Adelaide, her outfit changed into a mixture of her normal outfit and adelaides, as well as changing her hair color to blonde and its texture to a combination of wavy and spikey, she also gained the star iris pattern that is symbolic of adelaide.


She is a bit of a air-head and also a little trouble maker.



  • Princess Millhi and Princess Leo: They are very close friends with Couvert and like to come together to talk about their heroes with each other. Couvert also seems to treat them as their big sister by calling them "Millhi-nee" and "Leo-nee"(which means big sister)
  • Rebecca Anderson: Rebecca is Pastillage's hero by Couvert's ordination and as well as being a hero, she also is the big sister for Couvert.
  • Adelaid Granmanier: Couvert's ancestor.

Powers & Abilities

Couvert is the owner of Heaven Spear Culmurth, one of the Treasure Swords pair of Principality of Pastillage.

She is also able to use Adelaides Hero Crystal by fusing together with her, which also lets her use the Hero King's weapons as well.



  • Unlike all the other inhabitants of Flognarde Couvert has two sets of ears, one set of animal ears, and a second set of human ears that are hidden by her hair.