Esnart Arts and Music Festival
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date August 25, 2012
Kanji エスナート芸術音楽祭
Romaji Esunāto Geijutsu Ongaku-sai
Episode Director Yuta Maruyama
Storyboard Kyō Nanahoshi
Screenplay Masaki Tsuzuki
Animation Director Tomoyuki Kitamura
Opening Fearless Hero
Ending Natsu no Yakusoku
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Esnart Arts and Music Festival (エスナート芸術音楽祭 Esunāto Geijutsu Ongaku-sai) is the eighth episode of the second season of the Dog Days series. It first aired on August 25, 2012.


Millhiore is invited to sing at the Esnart Art and Music Festival in Pastillage. Just before her performance, the princess and Rebecca are attacked by a rogue cat deity who tries to steal their jewels and Shinku leads a team to catch her before she causes more trouble.


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