The Star Whale in the Sky Sea
Season 3, Episode 9
Air date March 7, 2015
Kanji 空の海の星鯨
Romaji Sora no umi no hoshi kujira
Screenplay Masaki Tsuzuki
Opening No Limit
Ending Stay With Me
Episode Guide
DD3 Episode 8
DD3 Episode 10

The Star Whale in the Sky Sea (空の海の星鯨 Sora no umi no hoshi kujira) is the ninth episode of the third season of the Dog Days series. It first aired on March 7, 2015.


Upon learning that something is amiss with the Sky Priestess, Sharu seeks for the Heroes' aid and departs with them to the insides of the Star Whale, a massive flying deity where she resides.


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