Dog Days Drama Box Vol.3
13.5: Our Respective Skies
Drama box 3 cover
Song information
Genre Audio Drama
Released December 21, 2011
Product Code SVWC-7820~7821
Length 100mins
Format 2 CDs

DOG DAYS Drama Box Volume 3 is the final Drama CD of the Dog Days first season anime. It was released in a 2CD set on December 21, 2011. The drama is titled Episode 13.5: Our Respective Skies (それぞれの空 Sorezore no Sora), taking place after the ending of the first season.

The Drama CD contains two hidden insert songs. Dearly star, sung by Cinque's seiyuu, and a remix of Miracle Colors.


Taking place after Cinque's adventures, time passes by between Earth and Flognarde. What are the details for how to resummon the hero, and Cinque remembering everything? The regular days never change between our characters in both worlds, and the episode tells each each character's respective thoughts until Biscotti's hero returns again.


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