The War Starts
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date May 21, 2011
Kanji 開戦の日
Romaji Kaisen no Hi
Episode Director Masahiro Okamura
Storyboard Hidehito Ueda
Screenplay Masaki Tsuzuki
Animation Director Akira Kojima, Yoshiya Yamamoto
Opening Scarlet Knight
Ending Presenter
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Episode 9

The War Starts (開戦の日 Kaisen no Hi) is the eighth episode of the first season of the Dog Days series. it first aired on May 21, 2011.


The day of the battle comes and it does not take long for Millhiore to confirm her suspicions about Leonmichelli's behavior and she joins Cinque and Éclair to storm the fortress where Leonmichelli is stationed to confront her. Meanwhile, Brioche and Yukikaze feel that a strange presence is approaching.


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