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Galette Lion Territory (ガレット獅子団領 Garetto Shishidanryō, lit. Galette Lion Army Territory) is a country in Flognarde. It is where the Galette Lion Army based in. It is a coastal country inhabited with active and cheerful feline citizens.[1]

Name origin

Galette is named after the French king cake "Galette des Rois".

Places in Galette Lion Territory

Vannette City

Vannette City (ヴァンネット城 Vannetto Jō) is the principal city of Galette, in where Leo declares a war. In the manga, it is where Gaul and Génoise usually located.

Mion Fortress

Mion Fortress (ミオン砦 Mion Toride) is where Génoise kidnap Millefiori to.

Grana Fortress

Grana Fortress (グラナ砦 Gurana Toride) is where Leo and Rouge encamp in the full battle against Biscotti.

Sky Coliseum

Sky Coliseum (天空武闘台 Tenkū Butōtai) is at the top of Grana Fortress. It is where Leo star-reads Millefi in blood, and where Millefi accepts on her own the challenge of Leo.


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