Gaul Galette des Rois is the 13-year-old First Prince of Galette Lion Territory and Leo's younger brother.

Name origin

Gaul's surname "Galette des Rois" is named after the French king cake.


Gaul has yellow eyes and white hair with white cat ears.


Gaul is a confident and powerful warrior of Galette albeit hot-blooded. He fights honorably, like his sister. He is a prince that everyone of Galette adores. he also speaks with a energetic voice.



He seems to connect to Shinku through battles, and views him as a rival. General Godwin and Génoise are directly under his command.

Powers & Abilities

Gaul's battle style is similar to Shinku's, making use of light armor and agile movements. in season 2 Gaul and Shinku get hero crystals that form them into adults giving them extra power for their attacks




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