Noir VinoCacao is a member and the center of Génoise, the bodyguard team directly under Gaul Galette des Rois. She is currently learning about demons and cursed swords from Yukikaze and Lady d'Arquien. She is putting together her own anti-demon squad, under the suggestion of Leonmitchelli and Gaul, since Galette lacks one.

Name origin

Noir is French for "black"; Vino is Italian and Spanish for "wine". Besides, "NOIR™" is also a chocolate wine product line under the French company "VinoCacao® Chocolatier".


She wears the Genoise uniform in her chosen color of black, with red accents. She has a button on the front of her uniform that is the same as Ricotta's buttons. (The button is a symbol of the close friendship between the two.) Like Vert, she wears her belt loosely, as it is on a slant on her waist. She has her sword short holstered on her side. Underneath the uniform is a sleeveless white button down shirt. Noir has red eyes and black hair, tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She has black cat ears and a black cat tail. Her tail is not straight like a normal tail, but is instead crooked.

In battle, she wears long fingerless gloves with bells on them that almost touch her sleeves. Her shoes are silver and black, with red orbs on them. In casual situations, she wears red wristbands with bells too on them, and black shoes with red lining.


Noir is an expressionless and quiet girl. Though she looks as though she is always deep in thought, she frequently forgets about the most important things.



Noir is childhood friends with the other members of Genoise and Gaul. She is best friends with Rico and rivals with Eclair.

Powers & Abilities

  • Noir's emblem (Level 1) "touch attack"
  • Noir's emblem and weapon
  • Noir's throwing knife attack
  • Noir sitting on Gauls shoulder
  • noir getting caught by Cinque after a falling incident while getting changed
  • Noir in her swimsuit in s2 episode 4

Noir excels in the usage of short swords and throwing knives. She defeats her opponent with elegant techniques.



Noir is voiced by Kana Hanazawa who also voiced Shiro from Deadman Wonderland.


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