Limone Resort - Panorama Spa
Season 3, Episode 12.5
Air date Collect Season 3 BD/DVD Batch Set
Kanji リモーネリゾート・展望温泉!
Romaji Rimonne Risotto Tenbo Onsen
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Episode Guide
DD3 Episode 12

Limone Resort - Panorama Spa (リモーネリゾート・展望温泉! Rimonne Risotto Tenbo Onsen) is the quarter-long OVA for the Dog Days'' (Season 3) anime. It can only be available after purchasing the full Season 3 Batch Set in the Japanese DVD stores, where it is presented as a "Character Image Movie DVD".

The follows an original episode not following the timeline after the series epilogue. Following that, 4 Gravure commentaries are given from the character/group in their own perspective: Aria, Faline, Sharu, and the Expedition Boys.



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