Princess Maid Squad (lit. Maid Team directly below Princess) is the royal maid team serving Millefiori Firianno Biscotti in the Firianno Castle, with Rizel Conchiglie being the leader.

Name origin

Except for Rizel, the other five maids are not named in the series. This organization page is thus used as the character page as well.



They are obedient, cheerful, forceful and a bit ruthless as seen in Episode 6 of the Anime.



They are quite fond of the young knight Emilio, and nickname him "Emilin".

Powers & Abilities

  • Maid Squad aiming their bows

In the full battle against Galette, the Maid Squad encamp at Cerise Fortress with Ricotta who disguises as Millefiori. They use pans as weapon to defend against the team led by Violet, and later use bows to cover the take-off of Ricotta and Harlan.




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