Rizel Conchiglie is the head of the Princess Maid Squad in Firianno Castle. She manages the cleanliness of the castle, as well as the health and safety of Millefiori.

Name origin

In line with the naming practice of the series, Rizel's surname "Conchiglie" is named after a type of pasta.


Rizel have a Dark Pink-ish Hair tied up in the back of her head and always keep her eyes closed, which is also her charm point.


Rizel is kind, happy-looking-no-matter-what-situation-may-occur and a bit forceful.



Powers & Abilities

  • Rizel and her rapiers

Although not introduced as a fighter, Rizel is seen in ep.8 guarding from the Galette Imperial Guard Fighters led by Violet effectively with a pair of rapiers.

In fact, she owns the title of "Maid-squad-style Guard-kenjutsu: Rapier Dual-wielding Master"[1].




  1. Dog Days, official website, comic page of episode 08. (メイド隊流護衛剣術・突剣二刀流マスター)

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