Personally, I like to help out Wikis. It's a great way to assist a fandom that still has potential to grow, especially with Dog Days coming out with a 3rd Season. However, I've noticed that this Wiki has been maintained very little, and it could easily take a single person to wipe out huge portions of the Wiki. Thus, I'm going to start my multi-step plan to reinigarate the content of this Wiki.

Main sections that I will be focusing on include:

  • Characters - Includes chronology, background, attire, personality, etc.
  • Episodes - Links, full summaries, characters, etc.
  • Places - More detail, links, and chronology.

However, I hope that staff will also help out by:

  • Protecting important pages;
  • Developing new sorting techniques of pages and pictures;
  • Adding more content; and
  • Making the Wiki's flow much better.

Due to my status as a student, I will not be able to fully contribute to the Wiki. My midterms are quickly approaching, but I'll try my best. I hope the Dog Days staff make the correct choices to repair this Wiki, or make aquire staff that can suit the job better.


~ AWikiHelper

Update: December 20, 2014

- About one month until third season comes out... better make preparations.

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