Violet Amaretto is Leo's friend from infancy, and aide. Officially she is the personal attendant of the all-female Imperial Guard Fighters (近衛戦士団 Konoe Senshidan)[1] of Galette, playing the role as a beloved commander.

Name origin

Similar to the other characters of Galette, Violet (pronounced as /vjɔ.lɛ/) is the French for the color "purple". Amaretto is an Italian almond-flavoured liqueur.



Violet projects a very charming and sweet-natured personality, and is also willing to scold Leo mildly for being too reckless. She is polite even to her opponents.



Powers & Abilities

Although initially not presented as a fighter, she seems to be skilled in infiltration and unarmed combat.




  1. Also known as Imperial Guards (近衛隊 Konoetai) in the comic.

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