Yukikaze Panettone is a member of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad, working frequently with Brioche d'Arquien.

Name origin

Yukikaze means "snowy wind" in Japanese. In line with the naming practice of the series, her surname Panettone is named after a kind of sweet bread loaf.

She is also nicknamed Yukki (ユッキー Yukkī).


She has light blue eyes, her hair and tail color could be described as light gold or Blonde.


Yukikaze is the vanguard of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. She looks upon members of the squad as brothers, be it dogs or foxes. She admires Brioche a lot and addresses her with oyakata-sama (My Lady), a very formal archaic form of speech used when one addresses his/her lord in the past.



Brioche: Yukki's parents are Earth Gods, making her an Earth God. Her parents were killed by demons and she was left alone. Brioche took in Yukki and there quite close. They travel the country together and exterminate demons. As while does Yukki admire Brioche.

Powers & Abilities

Yukikaze makes use of agile movements in battle, and uses various weapons such as bare fists, dagger, bow etc. Her Emblem Arts can also be used for movements, e.g. performing a great jump.